Who Are We?

Desmond & Kristy Scott


We created “Meant To Be Films” shortly after we were married. Being able to share the same passion alongside each other and being able to tell unique love stories is one of the things we cherish the most. It’s truly a great joy of ours to be a part of such a special day. What’s amazing though, is it seems as these opportunities give us the chance to make lifelong friendships with our couples! Their family, friends, and children will see their story and in just a small way we are able to be a part of it. We take on parts of our business that fit us best and we excel in each of those areas – we really are 2 peas in pod. Our passion and drive reflects in the work we produce and we only push each other to become better! We found our secular calling together, and we couldn’t desire for anything different. 

Our Story. . .

We fell in love with each other in 2010, we were actually high school sweethearts! Our personalities literally fit each other perfectly, and pretty sure nobody would understand our humor if they tried! We sealed the deal in August of 2014, marrying each other here in Houston, Texas. Shortly after, Meant To Be Films was born, and then shortly after that, 2 perfect little boys were born too! We love to spend time together, travel, and pretty much anything involving relaxation and food. Filming weddings and making emotion-driven films is what we do best, and couldn't imagine doing it without each other!

"Love Never Fails"